Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about our Electric Ireland Rewards programme. Here we've answered the questions that are most often asked.

1. What is Electric Ireland Rewards?

Electric Ireland Rewards is Electric Ireland's Rewards programme created to say thank you to our residential customers:

The programme allows you to :

  • Earn SuperValu Real Rewards for paying your Electric Ireland electricity or gas bill and use those points to save on your next energy bill. Every 250 points will save you €3 on your bill; and during Bonus Time, 250 points will save you €5 which means you could save up to €56 on your bills every year. There is a maximum of 2 x €5 vouchers redemption per a billing period.
  • Avail of great offers we have negotiated on your behalf with other premium brands.
  • Win exclusive once in a lifetime prizes and competitions.

Electric Ireland update regularly with new offers, discounts and prizes throughout the year.

2. Who can join Electric Ireland Rewards?

All ROI residential Electric Ireland customers can sign up.

3. How do I join the Electric Ireland Rewards programme?

You can sign up by visiting and clicking on "Register to get started” . You will need your Electric Ireland account number and some general personal information to complete registration. Your Electric Ireland account number can be found on your bill.

4. Outline what is the customer benefit to the Electric Ireland /SuperValu partnership?

Electric Ireland's partnership with SuperValu allows customers to earn SuperValu Real Rewards points each time a customer pays their electricity or gas bill. These points can then be used to save €3 off their next electricity and gas bill, three times during a billing period.

5. How do I get involved with the Electric Ireland/SuperValu partnership

You must have signed up to and registered a valid Electric Ireland contract account. Note: You can register up to two Electric Ireland accounts to earn rewards points. To participate with the SuperValu Real Rewards partnership ,you will also need to register your SuperValu Real Rewards card on

6.How do I earn SuperValu Real Rewards points?

Once you register a valid SuperValu Real Rewards card, you can earn reward points for paying your gas and electricity bill. You can earn 1 point for every €3 paid against your Electric Ireland bill. For example, if you pay a €90 Electric Ireland bill - you will be awarded 30 SuperValu Real Rewards points. Electric Ireland will add these points to your SuperValu Real Rewards points total.

7. How do my SuperValu Real Rewards points allow me to save on my Electric Ireland bills?

Once you reach 250 Real Rewards points, you can redeem them against a €3 off voucher code on – or simpler still, you can do it all through the SuperValu Real Rewards App on your smartphone.

8. How do I redeem my €3 voucher?

When you have collected 250 Real Rewards points, you can redeem them against a unique promotional voucher code on Once you have this code, simply log on to and enter it on the “Redeem SuperValu Voucher” page.

9. How often can I use a €3 voucher?

You can use up to 3 x €3 vouchers every in any billing period per Electric Ireland account. During Bonus time, you can use 2 x €5 vouchers in a given billing period.

If you have registered two accounts you can use one voucher against each account within a 60 day period. Your savings will be taken off your next energy bill and will appear on the back of the bill as 'Your Rewards Saving'.

10. Do I have to have a SuperValu Real Rewards card to sign up to Electric Ireland Rewards?

No, you can sign up to without a SuperValu Real Rewards card and still access the exciting quarterly offers and competitions. If you wish to avail of the Electric Ireland and SuperValu partnership, just add a SuperValu Real Rewards card on your “Edit My Details” page at any time.

11. I don't have a SuperValu Real Rewards card, where can I get one?

You should contact your nearest SuperValu store to obtain a Real Rewards cards and register it You can then add this card at any time on the Edit My Details section of

12. I am a token meter customer - can I also get €3 off my bill through the Electric Ireland/SuperValu partnership?

Yes, you can also join Electric Ireland Rewards and avail of the Electric Ireland and SuperValu partnership. Once you redeem a €3 voucher on, Electric Ireland will send you €3 in tokens. Please note that these tokens can take up to 20 days to dispatch.

13. I have forgotten my password?

If you forget your password, you can just click on the "Forgot Password" link on the home page. Enter your email you registered with and you will receive an email immediately allowing you to reset your password.

14. I want to update my details - how do I do this?

Once you are logged in you can change your details on the 'Edit My Details' section of You can change your email, password, mobile number, electricity or gas account number, your SuperValu Real Rewards card.

15. Can I opt out of Email & SMS Electric Ireland Rewards communication?

Email & SMS communication is by 'opt in' at registration for the Electric Ireland Rewards programme. If you decide in the future you no longer wish to receive email or SMS communication from Electric Ireland, regarding the Electric Ireland Rewards programme, you can opt out at any stage by updating your profile on the 'Edit My Details' page.

16. How can I de-register from Electric Ireland Rewards?

In order to de-register from the programme you must contact the Electric Ireland Rewards Team at: Note: you will be automatically de-registered if you cease to be an Electric Ireland customer.

17. How secure is my data? is subject to Electric Ireland's Data Protection Notice and privacy policy. In particular, Electric Ireland agrees that it will keep your personal data confidential and will not disclose it to any third party except where necessary for the administration of the Electric Ireland Rewards Programme or with your consent.

18. Who are Electric Ireland sharing my data with?

Electric Ireland will keep personal data confidential and will not disclose it to any 3rd party except where necessary e.g. the sharing of rewards points earned with the Powering Savings programme . In this instance the data shared is purely the SuperValu Real Rewards card number and number of SuperValu Real Rewards points earned.

19. How will Electric Ireland use my personal data?

Any personal details supplied during registration will be processed by Electric Ireland with appropriate confidentiality. Electric Ireland may, however, use the personal details supplied to:

  • Help manage and administer your account
  • Understand our members' habits
  • Provide members with tailored offers by email, SMS or post

Electric Ireland may also use this data to promote offers from our partners that we feel may be suitable to you.

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